Loving our wide variety of cakes and desserts range? How about seeing them come alive in front of you. Head over to our YouTube channel videos where we do a lot of fun and also create the recipes right in front of you. See our backyard turn into FlavourBasket's official shoot area. Watch the videos and let us know in the comments on how you liked and what more you would want. We promise to deliver!

The right amount and type of ingredients lead to a tasty dish. But not without a perfect recipe that’s well crafted by the chef herself. Watch in our videos as the chef, Shruti Shrivastava, herself elaborates on what's so important in a bake and design, besides the ingredients!

Also watch out for the guests who sometimes visists the premises and becomes part of the videos to share their side of the new recipes and what they like. You will be surprised to see the type of guests on our channel. Whatever be the recipe, we promise to deliver a lot of fun while baking and designing as we get the desserts ready. The final product when plated is the yumilicious delight you always wanted!

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