Sabudana Tikki-Navratri Recipe

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For Navratri recipes we introduced our first menu item in Sabudana Khichdi; both text and video recipes. This time around we come to you with another Sabudana (Sago) recipe; Sabudana Tikki (Sago cutlets). Both the Khichdi and this Sabudana Tikki are very nice when served with Yogurt.

We prepare the Tikki by mixing the Sago with boiled potatoes and grounded peanuts; however if you feel to try some variety of it then go ahead. Just make sure the alternate item being added is something that is allowed consumable item during your fast days.

Rating: 4

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 10 Tikki

Serving Size: 5 each


Sabudana Tikki-Navratri Recipe


  1. 2 Boiled Potatoes
  2. Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) - soaked for couple of hrs
  3. Green Chilies - Chopped
  4. Peanut Powder
  5. Rock Salt - to taste
  6. Black Pepper


  1. Crush the boiled potatoes and mix them well with the soaked Sabudana (Sago)
  2. After mixing the potatoes, add all other spices and dry ingredients and mix them well in Sago

Sabudana Tikki Recipe

  1. Once the Sago has been mixed properly, it will be ready to make cutlets of
  2. For cutlets, take some amount of this mix and create the patties out of it by rolling it in between your palms
  3. Size them as per your need and requirements

Sabudana Tikki Patties

  1. Create as many patties as you like
  2. Once done, we are now ready to fry them. Deep fry or shallow fry as per your liking
  3. Ready a fry pan with the cooking oil on medium heat
  4. Once the pan & oil are ready, (deep) fry the patties/cutlets that we created
  5. Fry them till the cutlets seem crisp and as well take a golden brown color on both the sides

Sabudana Tikki Fried

  1. At this point take them out of the pan and put in a bowl that is well covered in tissue paper
  2. The tissue paper will help soak the excess oil
  3. That' it, your Sabudana Tikki are now ready to be served!!


Best served with Yogurt. Watch out for the hot Sagos. Bite them with caution as they can burn your tongue.

Sabudana Tikki For Navratri


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